‘Evening Light’

I’ve added another older story in my writing section: ‘Evening Light.’

While I first wrote this a long time ago (maybe 2004?) it wasn’t published until 2012 after going through a lot of edits and submissions.

It was published in Paragon V, a great literary mag out of Memorial University’s English Department.

Sumerian Sandstorm

This week’s flash fiction challenge from Chuck Wendig involved a list of pretty unusual story settings, and although I was hoping for Starbucks during the apocalypse, a random number generator gave me #13: Ancient Sumer.

Where is Sumer? I had to Google it to. Turns it out it’s not so much where, but when:

Wikipedia: Sumer was an ancient civilization and historical region in southern Mesopotamia, modern Iraq, during the Chalcolithic and Early Bronze Age … modern historians have asserted that Sumer was first settled between ca. 4500 and 4000 BC by a non-Semitic people who may or may not have spoken the Sumerian language. These conjectured, prehistoric people are now called “proto-Euphrateans” or “Ubaidians“, and are theorized to have evolved from the Samarra culture of northern Mesopotamia (Assyria). The Ubaidians were the first civilizing force in Sumer, draining the marshes for agriculture, developing trade, and establishing industries, including weaving, leatherwork, metalwork, masonry, and pottery.

Another fun story to write!

Sumerian Sandstorm

Sergeant Jackson leaned forward, trying to see through the windshield.

“Can you see anything, Sparky?”

“Nothing Sarge,” his driver replied. “We’re blind.”

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‘A Change in the Summer Sun’

Here’s another story that I wrote quite some time ago, although it wasn’t published until 2010, in the first issue of Dark Fountain Journal.

A Change in the Summer Sun.’

Every time I look at something I wrote a while ago I keep thinking about what I do differently. But I guess a writer has to accept that what they wrote was finished at the time they wrote it. Time to move on to something new.