Songs of the Day

Last weekend I started a new project, which I plan to be an ongoing one. Every weekday, I will post a “Song of the Day” on Facebook and Twitter. I’m doing this because I like to talk about and share music, to create a self-curated collection of music, and hopefully to discover new songs and artists.

Every weekend I’ll post the songs from the previous week. Here’s the list from Monday, August 25 to Friday, August 29, 2014.

Monday, August 25

“Cigarettes” by Noah Gundersen

Noah Gundersen is one of the many great artists I discovered through the Sons of Anarchy soundtracks. I chose “Cigarettes”  mainly because I love the video – it tells a story that is separate yet complementary.

Tuesday, August 26

Qanuluktaaq by Agaaqtoq

Agaaqtoq is Arviat’s own Abraham Eetak. Abe and his band just released their debut CD and are gaining quite a following in the territory and beyond.

Wednesday, August 27

“Tall Tall Shadow” by Basia Bulat

Great song by a great artist.

Thursday, August 28

“Tell Her/I’m Sorry” by Once a Tree

Hayden and Jayli Wolf’s musical partnership Once a Tree features ethereal sounds and haunting, powerful vocals. Lisa Charleyboy (aka Urban Native Girl) shared their tracks a few weeks ago and I’m glad she did!

Once a Tree on SoundCloud:

Friday, August 29

“Three Chords” & “If You Need My Love”, The Blue Drop

The Blue Drop are Allan Byrne and Holly Hogan from St. John’s, NL. They’ve been playing music together for a while and are just putting together the crowd funding for their first album.

Allan Byrne & Holly Hogan of The Blue Drop

You can check out their tracks “Three Chords” and “If You Need My Love” on their website at

See you next week.


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