Accidentally a Photographer

So I’m finally getting around to posting this photo of mine that appeared in the February 2015 issue of Up Here Magazine. It was kind of a one-off for me, a post-blizzard shot of John Arnalukjuak High School in Arviat, Nunavut that I quickly snapped while out for a walk after one of our many, many blizzards this year. It got a lot of love on Twitter and caught the attention of the magazine.

JAHS, after a blizzard in Arviat, Nunavut.

John Arnalukjuak High School, after a blizzard in Arviat, Nunavut – Up Here Magazine February 2015

Kind of cool. What is less cool is that I was reminded to post this by the fact that the weather today saw near blizzard conditions again in Arviat. Spring does exist, right?

Songs of the Day – February & March 2015

I came across a few new tunes in the last couple of months. Here’s a round-up of some of them.

Saali & the Ravenhearts – Qannilirtuq

I’d been hearing this song on Arviaqpaluk (the local Arviat radio station) for weeks before I finally figured out its title and who performs it.

Saali & the Ravenhearts are a band from Nunavik who perform songs largely in Inuktitut. Check them out on CBC Radio 3.

The Tallest Man On Earth – The Blizzards Never Seen the Desert Sands

I posted this in mid-February when we were in the middle of our 6th major blizzard since Christmas. Who knew there were still almost 10 more blizzards to go?

I could have used some desert sands at that point.

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